A Short Story……


Consciousness came slowly.   Where was this place? It seemed pleasant enough, green with a blue canopy overhead, and white fluffy looking bits blowing along above his head.   He was later to discover how unbelievably beautiful and wild it could be, stocked with birds and animals of all descriptions, and blessed with night and day, breezes, sunshine, and regular water falling in droplets.  Is it paradise, he asked himself?           Later, the terrible truth dawned on Al , it was populated with a vile, evil, and malicious creature thast was slowly destroying fellow being’s and the surroundings, often in the most hideous way.   It was unbelievable, and the name they gave themselves was man or mankind.

Al came to realise the awful truth, and he came to accept,
that he was formed like a man, and quickly accepted that it was fate that he should live among the vile humans with their cute looking children, and pretend that he was one of them.      The only consolation was that when he was to die in the human way of things, he would be recast somewhere else by the forces which were greater than any human could expect to be.     They had their own Gods but a mystery quickly arose in Al’s thoughts when he realised that the humans regarded themselves as clever and intelligent, but they seemed to have a variety of Gods, and were prepared to kill each other, over and over because their particular God was better.  This smacked of stupidity, but maybe there was a reason.  Only later as he grew up and took part in the process they called ‘ life’ that there were more odd and disturbing things about human behaviour.         Truth was a rare commodity, not because of any difficulty to recognise it, but the humans often were bigoted to an immense degree, and found it difficult or impossible to recognise the truth when it stared them in the face!

The best part was being a child, although some of Al’s earthly friends had a hard time due to the parents they found themselves with.  When young he played every day and so enjoyed the friends in the classroom and especially in the beautiful oudoors where he lived in a place called England.    When he was 10 or thereabouts his kindly parents took him to the seaside and he fell in love with the sea.  Later he would make a career out of sailing all around the globe that made up the earth.    This was an education beyond his wildest dreams as he saw all the places that made up different countries, and above all he learned to treasure the wild nature that the planet was blessed with.      Al learned some truths which had escaped the majority of people on the planet, possibly because they did not have the benefit of seeing all of nature’s bountiful beauty.  Above all, he learned that the people’s of the planet were generally very poor but paradoxically, very happy.  Far more than the rich people in the part they called the Western world.  It was another sign of the limited intelligence displayed by the vast majority, especially when together in a mass.  Appalling ignorance and prejudice were evident to him and he had a horrible feeling of helplessness when confronted by the worst forms of ignorance.

As Al grew old he left the sea, and had no trouble finding work which paid nicely and was interesting.  This work also took him all over the planet  where he could enjoy the short life allocated to the humans around him, and where he could still see people at close quarters.   It was depressing that things never seemed to change for the better, although the humans regarded themselves as ‘more enlightened ‘ and wrots articles and spoke at length on concepts like equality, and a thing called political correctness’.   Only nothing got any better, and the bias and bigotry was supressed even more.    What made it worse for Al, was that he noticed over time that the worst bigots were the very people that professed to worship a God and thought themselves model citizens!      It fascinated him to be an observer, to be a ‘ fly on the wall ‘ and he realised that his own behaviour and attitudes were badly tainted by his surroundings and by his fellow human beings.   For this, he felt profoundly sad,  and he tried to live by his ideals shaped and formed by his own innate understanding and intelligence, and by his many observations in all corners of the world.  Al found it depressing that he was also likely imbued with all the faults in man that he found so unattractive.   So much for his extra terrestrial talents.

During the short time, about 80 years, that Al was to be on planet Earth, he experienced the living standards current at that time, and although he studied history as carefully as he could, he could see that his near 80 years would be different from other humans who lived at different times.  In his time there things called television and the internet which had been developed by the humans and which enabled instant communication and a display of pictures and biarre videos.  Even with this, or especially with this . he felt so sad that falsehoods, simplicity, and beauty were suppressed in order to make the material more slick and false. Nothing was exempt, especially so called nature programmes on old fashioned television that showed those parts where Al had been lucky enough to visit when he was a boy.    They cheated and lied to make the programme more interesting, or so the human producers imagined.       Money drove everything, including entertainment.    Never mind that native people in parts of the planet got more entertaiment than the television could ever muster, simply by sitting round a fire and singing.  Al in his wisdom knew that it was about contentment, not money.

He painted, he wrote, and he loved music, something which Ziggo imagined transcended different worlds, it was so exquisite.     One of the pains of leaving planet earth was finishing with all of the pleasures on this paradise.   For those humans prepared to work and to control their emotions every day was a great pleasure, and he found it could be made more so by engaging in worthwhile activity like helping the less fortunate among the humans.

He picked himself up, and decided to have a little fun. There were earthly pleasures which he wanted to indulge more in before his demise and return to base. After all, providing he didn’t exceed the limits set by Mango, and provided he lived by his earthly beliefs in love and tolerance, and no one got hurt, he could savour many wonderful things there for the taking. First stop would be to engage with more beautiful members of the opposite sex, something not available to the higher levels of aliens that he mixed with before the earthly life. Evening was approaching and the warm air from the sea wafted in over his meadow location. The lights twinkled in the distance from strips of bars and restaurants along the seafront. He knew there were females of all shapes and sizes and that he could attract any that he wanted, given his chosen appearance of an earthly icon. He had deliberately cast himself in the most attractive form to females precisely so that he needed the minimum effort to charm them. His dark wavy hair and chiselled features coupled with a rock hard torso seemed to do the trick, and finding compliant and willing females was easy for him. Sometimes they were too eager, and he had to seek some respite. A man can get drained rather quickly when surrounded by physically attractive and willing girls. He often felt a tinge of envy when considering the life of rampant human males, but there was always the consoling thought that he could repeat this life over and over, subject to staying within the guidelines set by Mango, of course. There was little risk of him falling into the trap of being stranded in an earthly life, whatever the pleasures. . Outwardly nothing revealed his alien credentials so it was fun fun fun all the way. He felt himself stir below at the very thought, and grew annoyed at not being in strict control as he wished to be.

The distant sound of western music came to him as he walked towars the lights. Somehow he felt at home. The grass grew longer and he stumbled over a stile and through more long grass, this time wetting his feet through the canvas shoes he wore.

The other aliens still on earth were few and far between, and Al had no wish to meet up. Although he recognised the odd alien instantly, the net result on his actions and freedom to operate was negative as the forces emanating from him clashed badly. All the advantages of his unique powers were negated in the close proximity of a fellow alien. No instant reading of the other’s mind – such an advantage. Especially with the ladies , he reflected.

There was a roar and the peace was shattered by a bevy of motorbikes, headlights brilliant in the evening gloom. They roared up on the only road over the meadow, heading for the town and the bright lights, most likely. Al smiled to himself. Nothing was likely to disturb his equanimity, but he was ready for anything. The lead rider stopped a few feet short in a hail of stones and dust and looked Al up and down before spitting on the ground. Another stupid and ignorant human, Al thought. His reading told him what the bearded monster was thinking, and it wasn’t as warm as he would have preferred. First, there was disappointment that he wasn’t a lone female, and then came many negative thoughts including the idea of knocking him down for what he could steal. ” Good Evening” said Al . The rider spat again. Al sighed and using his alien force deflated the tyres of the lead rider and all of the others for good measure. Suddenly there was pandemonium as they all realised they were sitting over flat tyres.
Leaping off their bikes they came towards him menancingly, before he quickly made them very uncomfortable with a mild electric shock. Some panicked and ran, but the ringleaders still bore down on him, as he increased the load until they were near paralysed, and he walked off, bored with the lack of engagement and lack of any intelligence with which to share some higher thoughts. The last he saw, the riders were either laying or sitting at the roadside nursing their feeble bodies all covered in medallions and tattoes but so vulnerable, Max saw. He thought about ‘borrowing’ one of the bikes, but he chose not to steal while on earth, and beside, he preferred the lovlEy beauty of an evening stroll. The girls could wait.

Over in Florida, it was approaching noon, and Al’s soulmate on Earth, Ruby was missing him. She sat propped up in a darkened bar, fending off the approaches of the clientele, mostly creeps and weidos in her book. They came at her by the dozen, but she was unconcerned. She also had the earthly powers borne by the alien visitors, and had been brought up by an all american family, completely unaware they had spawned a unique and superior child imbued with the alien characteristics and destined to leave her mark for good on the world around. Music in the bar was non stop, and Ruby was amused by the thoughts of all the people within a ten foot range, including the bar man. His thoughts were unprintable, and she noticed they were quite creative for someone she regarded as of limited intelligence. Most of the mental processes she read were sexual, up to 99% which was not surprising given that Ruby was a stunner. She maintained a slim figure, with understated clothes. Her preferred figure as an alian able to choose, was naturally slim, with long legs and slighly exaggerated bust. Enough to drive the men wild, and Ruby had taken full advantage in her 22 earthly years. Her taste was for intellectual men, and these were thin on the ground, especially in the bars along the Miami waterfront, where she chose to be. It was a multi lingual bar, and Ruby reflected how much cruder the Spanish thoughts were than the English ones. Something to do with a smaller vocabulary she mused, and perhaps the direct Latin way over the nuances of the English language. She decided to have a little fun. She adjusted her pose and dress.  Suddenly, two wild looking teenagers were at her side.   Ruby noticed them, but her eyes and her thoughts were on a quiet looking man sitting nursing a small glass at the end of the bar.    He looked sad, and reading his thoughts, Ruby was surprised at the level of reasoning and angst that the man was putting out, and she gathered it was all to do with his lack of success with the ladies.  It was a challenge she could not resist.   Meanwhile the two gawky boys were starting to make a nuisance of themselves, and Ruby smiled as she read their immature thoughts.    If only they really knew, she mused to herself. She was tempted to show them some tricks that would blow their mind, but quickly realised it was also an indulgence she should avoid. Better to pursue Mr ‘ sad and lonely’  sat at the bar.


to be continued…

Heading for oblivion,

and I won’t be coming back,

It’s the longest journey ever,

there is no need to pack.

All the years have gone their ways

ups and downs and drama days,

but soon the end will loom in sight,

the starting of the  endless night.

Did it seem like heaven on earth?

or did it pain me badly?

are there things not done,

and will I leave life  gladly?

Well, I never saw a Hoopee,

and I never made a pile,

but mostly they were magic days …..

and I leave it with a smile.

Man so smart might stop to ponder

what, if, and where, why, how, and wonder

why we know so little.

If humans really are on their mettle

so creative, gifted, and  keen to settle

endless questions left unanswered

could it be a timescale glitch?

Off the scale,  beyond belief,

and the truth beyond the scope of man?

Suppose a life is a grain of sand

embedded in the  desert land

and blowing in the sudden wind.

On joining a Bank Line ship in the UK mid winter

It doesn’t seem so long ago,
the winches hissing, clanking, in the snow
A lovely smell of warmed up oil and steam,
and Copra resting on the beams.

Hoses, cables, boards, and battens,
strewn around in  random patterns.
There was nothing quite like a Bank Line ship
home at last, from a 2 year trip.

See the cabins, mostly white
narrow bunks and quilts tucked tight,
Then the tea, thick and treackly
brought by stewards, ever so meekly

An alien world, but it should be known,
some of us, we called it home.
After discharge, we steam away
Foreign going, and a fun filled day.


Deep in Cornwall, away from life,

sits a village free from strife.

Here we rest, hunkered down,

Truro is our nearest town.

Perrenwell Village is the place
not quite with the human race,
all the houses neat and tidy,
every day seems like Friday.

Well connected by road and rail,
play some golf, or maybe sail?
Why oh why, did the Lord select me,
to get my  jobs  done d’reckly?

Local people make us welcome,
some folks  now travel seldom,
drinking  bottles of all hues,
primes the engine , dispels the blues.

Lovely people, on the whole,
with a conscience and a soul,
caring people with a bent,
and gardens that are heaven sent.

Oh, it’s such a lovely day,
shall I join the U3A?
or maybe  there’s  another club,
can always wander down  the pub.

All the news in the local rag,
mentions dogs and a ‘must have’ bag.
The Perran news, also,  is a must,
local issues, and lots of fuss.

Dog poo is high on the list,
of things to write, and not be missed.
footpaths also must be clear,
never mind a nuclear fear!

The village shop it’s all a go,
lots of gossip, don’t you know.
and the veggies put out each day,
drive right up, no park n pay.

All in all, it’s a perfect spot,
not too cold, and not too hot,
just the place  to live content,
day by day,  as it was meant.

Alan Arthur Rawlinson

Go quietly to your grave

remembering  all the heady days

the family fun, the holidays

and all the children’s funny ways.

No need to rue the rites of time,

The world goes on just fine.

All the passion and the joy,

I had it all, when I was a  boy.

No regrets, no dreary thoughts,

 celebrate the times we bought.

It matters not that youth cares less,

We all  share life’s  caress.

twas ever thus, goodbye,  God bless.

No dignity then  in old age

quiet calm but  rising rage,

those admiring  glances long gone away,

and struggling with each long, long, day.

what have we gained,

from life both blithe and pained,

a quiet serene state of mind,

and wisdom many  try to find.

Nothing matters in the end,

but love your neighbour as your friend,

all we have is plain to see

just  take each day for you and me.

The miracle of birth makes life so rare

joy and happiness in the air.

explain it if you will

on it’s own and  quite a thrill.

      Jersey Boy